Maoris, the indigenous Polynesian inhabitants of New Zealand, are unique in many respects. Historically, this ethnic group managed to integrate fairly well into the expansive society of us, white people, pakeha (as they call us), while retaining their own identity. Their indigenous culture has been undergoing renaissance for many years now – lessons in the Maori language are again available to anyone today; interest societies and professional associations maintain the tradition of plays, songs and dances; artists create beautiful woodcarving works. The Maori culture itself is mostly concentrated in the area of Rotorua; you can see major exhibitions in several museums on both islands. During a visit to New Zealand, you should try the traditional Maori feast called hangi. And we must not forget the paintings of Bohumír Lindauer, who was born in Bohemia and who, during the period of decline of the Maori culture in late nineteenth century, faithfully immortalized the faces of many chiefs on his portraits as well as the original Maori tattoos and clothes on his paintings. After all, he is one of the two most significant New Zealand painters of his times. During the preparation of your itinerary, we will recommend our proven places where you can, for example, see a Maori cultural performance and taste hangi (that should be a mandatory part of any visit to New Zealand). For people interested in buying souvenirs and works of art, we will gladly recommend suitable places for such purchases and we will introduce you to the secrets of Maori symbols and terminology in the context of Maori art.

New Zealand 30. 4. 2016 | 11:30

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